Trekking Barichara- Cabrera 

($125.000 COP)


The walk from Barichara to Cabrera includes a distance of 12 km of colonial path, made of stone and with landscapes that complement this route, also embellished by the waterfalls, the Mico Falls and the moorland.

In this tour you will:
-12 km walk
-Short tour barichara
-Short Route Cabrera
-Bird watching
-Landscape photography

This Activity Includes:
-Equipment for the activity
-Snack and hydration
-Medical Policy

Duration: 6 hours

Requirement: 2 people minimum to carry out the activity

General recommendations:
-Be over 12 years old
-Be in good mental and physical health
-Refrain from carrying out the activity under the influence of psychoactive or psychotropic substances
-Do not perform while pregnant
-Wear suitable comfortable clothing (lycra, shirt) and good shoes (tennis).
-Change clothes or dry clothes.
-Have a personal water bottle
-Maintain biosecurity measures
-Follow the instructors' recommendations
-have a teamwork attitude
-Do not separate from the group
-Maintain a formal communication and in a soft tone.
-Do not use strong or sweet fragrances.

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