Travesía Canyoning Santander 

($100.000 COP)


CANYONING TRAVEL: A total immersion in nature, based on one of the alternative sports models with the greatest national and international boom CANYONINGBARRANQUISMO, exploration and descent of canyons, you will have to face one by one the challenges that this magnificent canyon will put you to overcome. With a total of 3 kilometers traveled inside the canyon you will have to overcome and challenge two great jumps to different pools of water of different angles and different heights, three great descents that will cross you on your way to victory; Conquer adversity while swimming, climbing and climbing all its natural obstacles. You will have a fun approach to the canyon through a beautiful ecological path, until the end spotting the magnificent exit of the canyon that leads us to the victory bridge. We are members of the Colombian Association of Exploration and Descent of Canyons "Colombian Canyons" and of the International Center of Nature and Adventure "Ican".


  • Departure time: 10:00 am and 2:00 pm: The time is set due to technical conditions and duration of the activity. Two departures a day.
  • Departure Location: Agreed departure point in San Gil.
  • Approximate Duration Time: 3-5 hours. (Depends on Physical Condition and Adventure Group).
  • Difficulty level: Medium-High
  • Place where the Activity takes place: Canyon de las Lajas, Vereda la Flora, Km 2 Vía San Gil- Barichara.
  • Place where the Activity ends: Quebrada Seca Bridge Coovip neighborhood, Exit via San Gil- Cabrera
  • Departures: Adventure Group Maximum of 10 People, departures from 1 person or depending on availability.
  • Includes: Technical guide specialized in Canyoning, Insurance, Certified Equipment,
  • Transportation: round trip from the agreed starting point, Bilingual Service.
  • Conditions and Restrictions: It cannot be performed by people with recent surgeries, fractures, pregnancy, heart problems, poor physical condition, children without the written consent of the parents.
  • Recommendations and Suggestions: Comfortable sportswear, preferably that covers the whole body due to the effects of the sun, comfortable sports shoes, use of personal protection accessories "Caps, Buff, Hats, among others"; use of sunscreen and repellent.

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