Tour manglares en Kayaks transparentes. 

($80.000 COP)



Dedicated to ecological tourism on the island of San Andrés, we provide the Mangrove Tour service with care policies for our ecosystem, since we do not use any type of fuel, the waste is kept in the boat until the end of the tour, we also take care of and we conserve our landscape, since when we see any residue in the roots of the mangrove or in the sea, it is immediately removed and discarded when it reaches land in its corresponding garbage. In this way we take care of and conserve the great biodiversity with the account of this entire ecosystem.

Our tour is made with totally transparent boats where you can see the seabed, always accompanied by one or two bilingual guides, each tourist will have a bottle of water and a mouthful, they must always wear a life jacket and follow the guide's recommendations. Children under 10 years old are not allowed without a responsible adult, or people with a motor disability or difficulty in following directions.
For people who do not have basic snorkeling equipment, Kayaks 7 Colors will lend them to you during the tour.
Tourists can only carry waterproof objects or with their proper protection under their responsibility.


  • We make a first stop to rest and take pictures, we offer the taking of photos and videos during the tour, at the end of the tour they are sent via WhatsApp.
  • The second stop is in a shallow or natural pool in the middle of the sea, where you can enjoy snorkeling, see colorful fish, corals, get to know the caraco-les cemetery, sea cucumbers, see black and white urchins, all this while enjoying the crystal clear waters of the 7-colored sea.
  • Another of our stops is in a mangrove where you can see the best known frigates on our island as ¨Manawar¨
  • At the entrance to the mangroves their importance will be explained, they will be able to see jellyfish and perceive marine species in growth through snorkeling or basic snorkeling.


  • At this last stop you expect to see:

"The Queen of the Sea" is how we call the beautiful starfish, being very rare, we almost always find them at this stop, where we explain to tourists how delicate they are and we give them all the reasons why they cannot be extracted. of the water, once knowing all the precautions they are allowed to take photos and / or videos.

General information:

  • Duration: 2h
  • Value: $ 80,000 Per person
  • Hours: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • We are located on Vía San Luis, next to Chamey´s Náutica
  • The maximum capacity per tour is 8 people and as a reservation policy, our partners are recommended to reserve less than 24 hours prior to the tour.
  • In the event that whoever buys our tour does not show up at the time and date reserved or cancels before 24 hours, they must make the total payment of what was agreed, which for this alliance will be $ 60,000 COP.

A different way of seeing and enjoying the sea!

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German Soto
Super Tour This tour is not to be missed, it is unique on the island, you learn a lot while doing the tour.01/29/2020
Great Since we arrived we feel at ease! The experience is incredible with the transparent kayaks and Marvin's guide with his experience. We learned about the animals that live in the mangrove and enjoyed the many fish. Afterwards we were offered typical food from the island. Super recommendable .11/16/2019
Mireia M
Transparent kayak tour Tour in the middle of the mangrove. Marvin, the very nice guide. The food is spectacular and the juice is great too. Very good deal!08/14/2019
Daniela S
Unforgettable It's a beautiful experience, incredible scenery, very friendly staff, good price, 100% recommended.03/02/2019
Karina C
Excellent - not to be missed That's a good plan, a little expensive but worth it... the staff's attention was first-rate. The unparalleled scenery, one of the best plans in San Andres.11/03/2018

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