Tourism in Sopó

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$470.000 COP

We are located in Sopó Cundinamarca, just 40 minutes from the city of Bogotá, where we offer pilots and tourists the best flight conditions in the savannah

Tourism Cerca a Sopó

$130.000 COP

Enjoy a paragliding flight while you observe the moor vegetation, see the frailejón plants, eagles, wild rabbits and with the best view of the Tominé reservoir, Guatavita and Guasca.

$150.000 COP

Inductive flight with instructor, duration between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the conditions of the day, the passenger does not need to have experience.

$156.000 COP

Guided horseback riding through the eastern outcrops of the Ubaté Valley, a journey of approximately 3 hours, full of incomparable landscapes

$150.000 COP

It is the only certified flight zone to carry out this activity that has different weather conditions from warm to temperate just two hours from Bogotá.

$160.000 COP

Activity to be carried out with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 people, It is a limited engagement A3, V3, II cannon of moderate risk suitable for people who are learning from the activity.

$222.000 COP

The walk will take place within the Páramo de Cruz Verde, where we will find the Laguna de Teusacá, a diversity of flora and fauna unique to this ecosystem.

$178.000 COP

This plan consists of climbing a single rock route approximately 25 meters high.

$560.000 COP

This high Andean forest in Choachí has spectacular views, vegetation and waterfalls to amaze all visitors.

$815.000 COP

Share with true coffee and cocoa producers as you collect, peel, grind, roast and taste the product of your own work.

$595.000 COP

Ride on horseback around the San Rafael dam up to the high Andean mountains of La Calera.

$615.000 COP

Experience this unique ecosystem at 3800 meters above sea level with unique fauna and flora that are not found anywhere else outside the Andes.

Desde $1.050.000 COP

Come and explore El Cocuy National Natural Park (PNN El Cocuy) is one of the current 56 National Parks of the Colombian territory.

$45.000 COP

No matter your physical condition, with our E-Bike you can reach the top of the mountains, you can choose various levels of assistance depending on your physical condition.

$90.000 COP

Feel with your partner or with your family group that teamwork is, you can enjoy sailing quietly paddling.

$195.000 COP

You will enjoy the largest water mirror in Cundinamarca, the Tominé reservoir, the speed and the feeling of freedom while driving.

$80.000 COP

Enjoy a walk through the dam exclusively accompanied by your family group or group of friends, the trip is not shared with other users who are not from the same group.

$280.000 COP

You will enjoy the total feeling of freedom of a tour of the dam, only carried by the wind, without any type of motor, the sound of the water and tranquility are the accomplices of the tour.

Desde $9.425.728 COP

10 day all inclusive horseback riding tour from Oiba to Barichara santander with reception in Bogota, Bogota airport.

Desde $8.338.144 COP

Enjoy a journey on horseback from Sisga Cundinamarca to the high plateau, along the old cattle road of Los Almeidas.

Desde $5.800.448 COP

Enjoy a journey on horseback from Sisga Cundinamarca to the high plateau, along the old cattle road of Los Almeidas.