San Gil

$200.000 COP

Fly over one of the largest canons in the world at 3000 meters above sea level and enjoy its majestic landscapes.

$80.000 COP

From the highest point you can see a beautiful panoramic view of San Gil. The jump is made from a platform that goes up by an arm, similar to an elevator.

$30.000 COP

Enjoy the cable flight while you cross the paths La Flora and Guarigua Bajo. It is 1,100 meters long, 500 meters one way and 600 meters back at a height of 150 meters.

$130.000 COP

We invite you to cross all kinds of natural obstacles that you will find during the Las Lajas Canyon tour; enjoy adventure sports in a unique and imposing environment.

$150.000 COP

Get to know this great dry forest ecosystem of the Chicamocha canyon, and share life experiences with the communities that live in this difficult but imposing landscape

$200.000 COP

World-class river considered one of the best in South America for its rapids, it is a river that is approximately one hour from San Gil.

$230.000 COP

The Chicamocha Canyon is the second largest in the world and in it we can see its majestic river that for lovers of extreme sports, rafting turns out to be quite an experience.

$700.000 COP

This activity is for people who want to start or improve technically in this sport. The only requirements for the course are knowing how to swim and wanting to learn.

$60.000 COP

Enjoy various activities that take place in a natural setting adapted to international standards.

$80.000 COP

This activity has several circuits that take place in a natural setting that has been adapted to international standards, the place known as Monkey Jump in the municipality of Pinchote.

$100.000 COP

This circuit is made up of 37 activities that take place in a natural setting, some of these activities are Tyrolese, rope gangway, train line, fixed plates, bridges.

$45.000 COP

Children's circuit in a natural setting that has been adapted to international standards, the place known as Monkey Jump (Salgo del mico).

$100.000 COP

Fly between 10 and 12 minutes and enjoy the wonderful landscapes of Santander.

Bike Tour Ecolodge
Bike Tour Ecolodge
4.75 out of 5
$175.000 COP

The natural bicycle tour begins with 15 km of distance along nature trails, where tourists and lovers from the mtb they will live an experience of natural adventure

$250.000 COP

During the tours you will reach the highest point of the mountain where the landscape will have in the background the majestic Serranía de los Yariguíes National Natural Park.

$250.000 COP

Tour through the mountains of Santander where you will have in the background the mountains of the National Natural Park Serranía de Los Yariguíes.

$25.000 COP

The Extreme Swing is an activity carried out in the extreme park Peñón Guane, It has a height of 70 meters.

$30.000 COP

Live the adrenaline of the human rubber plant with a height of 20 meters of pure adrenaline and the best view of San Gil.

$50.000 COP

The highest bicycle in the world with 520 meters of travel at 160 meters high.

$250.000 COP

The sensation of being on the top of the mountain and appreciating the slopes of the canyon, make the tour a unique experience, which will leave you wanting more adventure.

$120.000 COP

Break your fears jumping in the highest Bungee in South America at 140 meters high, from a platform with all safety standards.

$100.000 COP

Enjoy multiple activities in Santander Canopy, Extreme Swing, Hiking, Leap into the void, Tibetan Bridge, Canyoning, Rappel, Boulder and Climbing.

$100.000 COP

Enjoy a total immersion in nature, based Canyoning - Canyoning, exploration and canyoning.

Iguana's Bike Tour
Iguana's Bike Tour
5.00 out of 5
$170.000 COP

Live the best experience on wheels and a beautiful view of the mountains that characterize Santander.

$60.000 COP

10-kilometre course. An hour and a half inside the river, 40 minutes more of transport, delivery of equipment and induction. We will find rapids class 1, 2 and 3. Very exciting and at the same time ve

$160.000 COP

This canyoning takes place in the waterfalls of the Devil's Nose, this place is a great natural reserve with a 120-meter crater where different species of birds live, such as the Guácharo

$225.000 COP

Come walk with us through the Chicamocha Canyon, on a tour that will pass through one of the Lengerke roads, an old road built in the 19th century and which is now cultural heritage.

$120.000 COP

Fun and relaxing floating through the waters of Fonce River, This is a great and unusual way to enjoy the unique atmosphere and sceneries; is ideal for all generations.

From $50.000 COP

Simple Combo: the best way to join two activities

From $70.000 COP

Enjoy the Magic of three activities in a single combo on the same day.

From $120.000 COP

Enjoy and feel the Adrenaline of 4 extreme activities in a single Combo

$130.000 COP

Bungee Jumping in pairs

$125.000 COP

The walk from Barichara to Cabrera includes a colonial path, made of stone and with landscapes that complement this route, also embellished by the waterfalls, the waterfall of the monkey and the moorl

$130.000 COP

You will enjoy this wonderful tour in the Apuló river canyon, you will put yourself to the test with its different challenges, an ideal place for those who They seek adventure and contact with nature.

$280.000 COP

On this 18 km route to theinside the canyon of the Chicamocha, we will appreciate some trees called "Ceibas pot-bellied ”This experience is designed for walkers and hikers.

$350.000 COP

This is the continuation of the Road to Jordan. We will stay at the traveler's inn where we will make an integration bonfire next to the river.

$115.000 COP

Enjoy our guided bike tours and discover the wonderful places of San Gil and its surroundings.

$650.000 COP

This spectacular tour will take us to discover the roads of Independence and the beautiful landscapes of Santander and Boyacá. It is a route that allows you to travel through the rural routes.

$900.000 COP

This journey goes from San Gil to Nevado del Cocuy, it will take us to visit the mountains of Santander and Boyacá. We will do an ecological high mountain hike to the large lagoon of the sierra.

$100.000 COP

Our guides will instruct you step by step in this unique adventure surrounded by nature and live a true experience.

$190.000 COP

Start your adventure on four wheels you will be able to do different routes with obstacles, landscapes, distances and heights.

$130.000 COP

You will be able to discover the interior of the caverna del gypsum, a natural formation of spelothems and different giant rooms