Tourism in Monguí

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$415.230 COP

Come enjoy and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this tourist plan and live a different experience.

Tourism Cerca a Monguí

$80.000 COP

ATV tour through the desert of Villa de Leyva with accompanying guides by established route, where you can live an experience of total adventure.

$200.000 COP

Enjoy a descent in Rappel of 40 meters, speleology in the form of spiral 450 meters and climbing of 42 meters in the hole the Romera.

$130.000 COP

You will enjoy an interpretive and ethnic cultural walk of 2 hours.

$50.000 COP

We will start the ride in a semi-desert ecosystem with the visit of a site of interest according to the time plan you choose, you will be accompanied by an interpreter guide and certified horses.

$80.000 COP

Tour on a bicycle in which you can visit the main sites of interest in the different thermal floors of Villa de Leyva and its surroundings.

$180.000 COP

Enjoy Rappel of 15 meters, caving, speleothems and internal morphology of these ecosystems.

$130.000 COP

You will start with a 14 km walk, you will hike through the middle Andean forest and the La Periquera waterfalls.