$200.000 COP

Seeing the reefs during the night, illuminated only by a tunnel of light, is an experience out of this world. And the best thing is to see the night creatures come out to play!

$300.000 COP

Enjoy diving in Baru and observe the majestic marine landscapes surrounded by corals.

$330.000 COP

The diving is characterized by the beauty of the coral, the good visibility and the variety of marine fauna and flora.

$350.000 COP

The best of plans for the best experiences. Day and night diving the same day.

$990.000 COP

You will see a great variety of fauna and flora, the water temperature is very comfortable and you don't need a wet suit.

From $800.000 COP

Comfortable and spacious, accommodation for 8 people plus crew; big shade and space for sunbathing at the bow. Destinations: Rosario Islands, Cholon and Playa Blanca, includes a pilot.

From $60.000 COP

Know the wonderful world of birds

$650.000 COP

Parachute jump near the beach, the best experience

From $120.000 COP

Enjoy the immersion in the volcano and a tour of the museum, the India Catalina and the viewpoint. Includes lunch and 1 hour on the beach.

From $80.000 COP

We will enjoy the immersion in the mud in the Totumo Volcano for 1H and 30 Min.

From $120.000 COP

We will enjoy a day trip to Agua Azul, a beach where we will arrive by boat, we will be there until 03:30 PM and then we will start our journey back to Cartagena.

Enjoy a tour in Palenque with a Native guide who will introduce you to everything about this monument.