Rafting en el río Suarez (clase IV y V) 

($200.000 COP)


Description: World class river, considered one of the best in South America for its rapids, it is a river that is approximately 1 hour from San Gil. This activity has 12 km of navigation where the wonderful landscape of the Suarez Canyon will be visualized and it is one of the greatest doses of adrenaline for those who dare to explore its waters. The starting point of the rafting is at the Vázquez bridge via Socorro - Simacota and ends at the junction of the Suarez River and the Fonce River.
Schedule: 5 hours (2 hours on the river and 3 hours in preparation and logistics)
Hours: 10:30 am to 4 pm
Conditions: be over 18 years old, must know how to swim, not be pregnant, have no recent injury, not have heart disease
Recommendations: Appropriate clothing: shorts, shorts, short or long lycra, T-shirt, tennis shoes or adjustable sandals, Repellent, Sunscreen, Change clothes, and hydration.

Includes: TOUR
Transportation from San Gil, assistance insurance, guide, safety kayak, personal protective equipment, fruit, snack (roast chicken, potato and chili) and 1 beer.

Per person: 200,000

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 3 traveler ratings
I've been on a few rafting trips in other places before, but this is definitely the most adventurous one I've done. And the guys at Explorers create the best environment for a fun experience, not only with rafting, but also with friendship with everyone else on the tour.02/17/2020
An excellent experience, I really enjoyed that day of rafting, the adrenaline of the rapids, the river Suarez, the staff fully trained to make the tourist feel safe and food at the end of the tour, an excellent combination, no doubt they are one of the best, this year I want to go again02/11/2020
Mafe P
Rafting who lives this experience, wants to live it again It's a great experience, the adrenaline that you feel, leaves no room for fear. I liked that the staff has experience and professionalism which gives us security. I invite you to dare to live this experience12/16/2019

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