Rafting en el río chicamocha Clase VI&VII 

($230.000 COP)


Description: The Chicamocha Canyon is the second largest in the world and in it we can observe its majestic river that for lovers of extreme sports is the perfect place to experience it. Rafting on this river turns out to be quite an adventure; It leaves from San Gil at 10:00 am until reaching the starting point of the Chicamocha River rafting (fishmonger bridge), the descent is made to the Jordán municipality (changrilla refuge) traveling 15km, in changrilla you will enjoy a typical lunch of the region and a cold beer to pass the heat. once the activity is over, we are ready to return to San Gil.
Schedule: 8 hours
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm
Conditions: Be in good physical and health condition.
Recommendations: Before starting the activity, the person must have had breakfast, know how to swim, appropriate clothing (shorts, T-shirt, tennis), repellent, sunscreen and change clothes
Appropriate clothing: shorts, shorts, short or long lycra, T-shirt, tennis or adjustable sandals, Repellent, Sunscreen, Change clothes, hydration, do not carry valuables and women with hair up

It includes
-Roundtrip transportation from San Gil
-Accident insurance
-Certified equipment
-Professional bilingual guides
-Safety kayaker
-Hydration, tropical fruit, traditional lunch and beer.

Not a:
-Not being pregnant
-Do not suffer from heart disease, epilipcia among others

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 4 traveler ratings
Omara F
The most beautiful river I've ever made I've done rafting many times before, but this is the most scenic river I've ever been on. The rapids were great but our guide Ariel was also very safe at all times02/28/2020
Diego Álvarez
What a beautiful river UNSUALABLE EXPERIENCE! this river is very beautiful, everything, the falls, the water, the level, the guides, everything, very cool and organized.02/19/2020
Luis Alexander Jiménez
The best thing about Santander is the chicamocha canyon and what better way to get to know it than going into it, on the chicamocha river the best views of the canyon and the best adrenaline I have ever felt. It is the best! It's super!02/11/2020
Amazing Rio! It is a wonderful activity, the landscape is impressive. Great team. Great guides, safety and fun!"02/01/2020

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