Parapente Sopó -Bogotá 

($150.000 COP)


We are located in Sopó Cundinamarca, just 40 minutes from the city of Bogotá, where we offer pilots and tourists the best flight conditions in the savannah. This dream place has approximate temperatures between 12 ° and 15 ° C, and the best landscape in the region, so in addition to flying, visitors can enjoy singing and bird watching, the tranquility of nature, the pure air and the exceptional view of the Tominé reservoir and the Guasca and Guatavita Valley, or if you prefer, you can contemplate the sunset from our refuge - restaurant where you will find hot and cold drinks and à la carte dishes.

Inductive flight with instructor, duration between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the conditions of the day.
The passenger does not need to have experience, he can take a photo or video camera since he is in an independent harness and has his hands free.

Recommendations for passengers

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Warm clothing
  • Accessories for the cold such as gloves, hat, scarf, among others.
  • Apply a little sunscreen to your face to avoid sunburn, wind or cold.
  • Video and photo cameras can be carried without any problem during the flight
  • You should not bring food or drinks as they are available on the site
  • Must-use mask
  • Minors can fly from 5 years old onwards, but it is important that parents are present on the site in order to authorize the activity.


  • minimum 1 maximum 250 people


  • Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm


  • The double paragliding flight consists of a flight with the instructor, the duration depends 100% on the wind conditions since the paraglider does not have an engine, we handle an approximate time of 16 minutes depending on the wind conditions, due to this it must be counted with the whole day to carry out the activity in case you have to wait for the ideal flight conditions to occur.
  • The landing is made at the same take-off site if conditions allow it, otherwise, it is done in the lower part of the mountain where we will pick them up by car to bring the passenger to the same take-off site at no additional cost.
  • Our team of pilots is made up of qualified and certified professionals in FEDEAEREOS (Colombian Federation of Air Sports). Each of our instructors has more than 8 years of experience in paragliding flights, and with equipment in excellent condition governed by its useful life. The number of pilots required is defined according to the number of passengers for each activity.
  • Flight shifts are assigned according to the order of arrival, so we recommend arriving from 9:00 am, as early as possible.
  • Decorated table policy: the restaurant tables may be used for 2 hours from the moment the person makes the reservation and they will be kept for a maximum space of 15 minutes, after 15 minutes if the table was not occupied they will be raised the reserve.

See what travelers are saying

Rating 4.88/5 based on 8 traveler ratings
Arí C
The best experience of life. Wonderful everything. Excellent service and the facilities are super welcoming.01/12/2020
Karito R
We booked to celebrate a birthday and everything went perfect, the food was delicious, the decoration of the place is very nice, and added to this the experience of paragliding flight is incredible, besides you have fun waiting while you see that incredible panorama that has this place.12/11/2019
Isamar G
Excellent experience I went with some friends and my boyfriend to celebrate my birthday and taking advantage of the occasion they asked me to marry them... It was beautiful. The team is very organized and collaborative for this type of event...08/13/2019
Dilan Stiven R
Fabulous experience Super recommended, very friendly and understanding people, unforgettable experience, I will return with family.05/30/2019
It was a nice experience with a magnificent view. When we arrived at the place we were made to wait for the instructors to arrive at 10:40, but it was rewarded because they were very kind, they also give security at the time of take off and the duration of the flight03/25/2019
Productos H
birthday celebration It was an unforgettable experience. excellent service good my own experience I can say that the instructor Luis Carlos excellent person would recommend it widely03/05/2019
Leidy Milena G
Excellent service and experience I chose this place for my sister's birthday celebration and without a doubt it was a great choice, she loved the experience, the food was delicious and the service incredible. I would definitely come back and recommend it01/20/2019
The ideal plan Excellent organization and for those who do not want to launch the restaurant have a spectacular view!12/30/2018

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