Parapente en guatavita 

($150.000 COP)


The best free-flying experience in tandem.

It consists of a flight with a professional pilot with all documents and insurance in order and with equipment in perfect condition of use (including the emergency parachute).

During the flight you can enjoy the best view of the savannah, just 1 hour from Bogota. This site has paramo vegetation of flora and fauna where you can enjoy green and silver frailejón plants, pines, eagles, wild rabbits and the best view of the reservoir of Tominé reservoir, Guatavita, and Guasca.      

The flight has an approximate duration of 10 to 15 minutes and you do not need to have any previous knowledge. The instructor will make a technical talk prior to the free flight activity.

It is suitable for practically everyone, from children (6 years old) to the elderly (70 years old).

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 13 traveler ratings
Yesid Parada
Justy Amortegui
Konzuelo Guatakira
Wonderful experience, cozy atmosphere, very clean facilities and the most important thing is the excellent attention, warm and friendly people, which generate security for flying is a great activity. Super recommended.03/08/2020
Estefani Vera Espitia
Excellent service, and an unforgettable experience03/02/2020
Christhian Cely
Excellent service, facilities not to mention... super recommended.02/16/2020
Barahona Karen
Excellent experience and a great team01/03/2020
Eliss González
It was an incredible experience, the service from start to finish was excellent the attention in the chat and from the instructors is very good12/13/2019
Adely Palacios
Thank you, very good service good security and professional and trained staff. Keep on improving.11/12/2019
Oscar Eduardo Ramirez Lozano
Excellent service, delicious food, cozy facilities and very nice place.09/25/2019
Ronaldo Lizcano
Excellent site infrastructure! And fabulous service!!!09/15/2019
Gandy Núñez
Excellent service, everything went as expected, Mr. Manuel is a very nice person and very friendly, recommended ...05/26/2018
Miguel Beltrán
Manuel thank you very much for everything, very good activity, excellent service and a great team04/17/2018

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