Parapente en San Felix 

($130.000 COP)


The perfect combination of time and travel, on this flight you will find a complete experience, full of satisfaction and unforgettable memories.


  • Every day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Recommendation: preferably carry out the activity in the morning hours

  • Private transportation 1 or 4 people has a cost of COP $ 100,000, they pick them up at the hotel or place where they are located and once they finish the activity they take them back to the place where they were picked up.


  • Limit weight 120 kilos

  • Minimum age: 4 years

  • Heart disease, spinal disease, second degree obesity, recent operations, pregnancy.

  • Activity that depends on weather conditions.

Flight time rates:

  • 10 Minutes: COP $ 130,000

  • 20 Minutes: COP $ 160,000

  • 30 Minutes: COP $ 240,000

Additional services:

  • Photography and Videos: COP $ 40,000 includes 8GB or 16GB Micro SD memory

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 5 traveler ratings
Germán B
Tremendous! Antonio made sure that it was a beautiful experience, very honest and predisposed from the first moment. It's 100% worth it.08/25/2018
Paulette M
Unforgettable experience! It was my first time and the instructor Antonio Alvarez was very patient and professional in explaining the whole procedure to me. I felt very safe before, during and after the flight. The landscape of the city of Medellin is without a doubt spectacular.04/09/2018
Gabriela G
The best! Excellent! Antonio is the best, he has a lot of patience and makes the flight an unforgettable experience...100% recommended...a different way of doing tourism in Medellin ??08/22/2017
A fun experience for all ages! Must Must if you are in Medellin! About 40 min by car from Medellin. They care about everything you will have fun and safe! We recommend to take with you your SD card, then it is an average price for the gopro camera film!05/24/2016
The best paragliding experience It's the best experience I've had in paragliding, it was the first time I flew in one, and I have no doubt that if I do it again I'll be with them. Thank you for giving me this beautiful experience.01/05/2016

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