Mountain Bike Tours 

($115.000 COP)


Enjoy our guided bike tours and discover the wonderful places of San Gil and its surroundings. You will have the possibility of making routes of different levels which are by trails with little traffic and ideal for practicing cross country or Mountain Bike.

Choose your route:
-Option 1: San Gil –Pescaderito - San Gil 35 Km approx. 800 mts D +
-Option 2: San Gil - Puente de Arco - San Gil 30 Km approx. 600 mts D +
-Option 3: San Gil –Juan Curi high part– San Gil 54 Km approx. 900 mts D +
-Option 4: San Gil –Hoyo de los pajaros– San Gil 50 Km approx 1200 meters D +

This activity includes:
-Guidance Service
-Accident insurance
-Hydration (water)
-Access to places
-Bicycle mechanical assistance
-Tours snacks
-Includes bicycle from 2 people

Duration: 5 -6 hours

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