$40.000 COP

The descent of rivers or balsismo, known internationally as rafting, is a sport and recreational activity that consists of crossing the riverbed in the direction of the current (downstream).

$80.000 COP

Enjoy a pleasant paragliding flight over the beautiful landscape of Bucaramanga, the beautiful city of Colombia, besides Floridablanca, Girón, Piedecuesta, Mesa de los Santos, All the valley

$321.300 COP

Don't miss your chance at spotting unique Andean birdlife on this mountaintop tour. Above 3000 m.a.s.l., and alongside fields of frailejones plants, you will encounter endemic

$155.000 COP

Aquatic activity descending a canyon consists of semi-open, facing the obstacles that this provides such as vacuum jumps, caves and natural slides, going into the jungle, playing this one.

From $75.000 COP

Visit to Girón, National Monument  Visit to Floridablanca (Typical wafer tasting) Entrance to Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark

$300.000 COP

Enjoy diving in Baru and observe the majestic marine landscapes surrounded by corals.

From $36.000 COP

Get to know the architecture, history and traditions of different municipalities such as filandia, Buenavista, pijao and salento.

$150.000 COP

Tour through natural trails, you will live an experience of natural adventure through basins of crystalline waters, coffee plantations, and mountain views.

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Destination Recommended

The most beautiful little town in Colombia. It preserves its colonial architecture and cobbled streets.

Capital District of Colombia. Cordial city that keeps monuments of the colonial epoch like the Colón Theater and the church of San Francisco.

Cartagena de Indias, officially Tourist and Cultural District of Cartagena de Indias abbreviated Cartagena de Indias, D. T. and C.

Colombian municipality known for being the tourist capital of Santander and the center of adventure tourism.

It has ventured into ecotourism, becoming a favorite place for extreme sports near Bogota, among which are: canoeing, canopy, torrentismo, paintball, sky.

Known for its whitewashed colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and the great Plaza Mayor. To the southwest of the square is the Casa Museo Antonio Nariño, where this war hero died.