$600.000 COP

You will have a free fall of between 40 and 45 seconds at more than 220 km / h so all you have to do is enjoy your flight, once your instructor has opened the parachute you will have a flight of appro

$130.000 COP

You will enjoy this wonderful tour in the Apuló river canyon, you will put yourself to the test with its different challenges, an ideal place for those who They seek adventure and contact with nature.

$235.382 COP

We invite you to live experiences of travel, contact and immersion with nature, historical memory and adventure, under the guidance and accompaniment of demobilized and local communities.

From $1.082.380 COP

Jardín, an authentic coffee town set among the Western Andes, agricultural landscape and beautiful waterfalls is for many, the most beautiful town in the Antioquia region.

$60.000 COP

Enjoy various activities that take place in a natural setting adapted to international standards.

$100.000 COP

Tour of the most beautiful town in Colombia Barichara by bicycle, we will know the culture, history and the local of the region. Visit to museums, natural parks, viewpoints, churches and their houses.

$250.000 COP

Tour through the mountains of Santander where you will have in the background the mountains of the National Natural Park Serranía de Los Yariguíes.

$80.000 COP

We will start the ride in a semi-desert ecosystem with the visit of a site of interest according to the time plan you choose, you will be accompanied by an interpreter guide and certified horses.

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Destination Recommended

Capital District of Colombia. Cordial city that keeps monuments of the colonial epoch like the Colón Theater and the church of San Francisco.

Known for its whitewashed colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and the great Plaza Mayor. To the southwest of the square is the Casa Museo Antonio Nariño, where this war hero died.

Colombian municipality known for being the tourist capital of Santander and the center of adventure tourism.

First town in Colombia where rock climbing began. Other sports are also practiced such as bungee jumping, Rapel, mountain biking, hiking and caving.

It offers spectacular ecological trails with a great variety of flora and fauna. Its main tourist attraction is the Pescaderito beach.

There is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health, a tribute to the apparition of the Virgin Mary in a ravine near the municipality. Also the cave of the Indian and the cascades of Juan Curí.

Cartagena de Indias, officially Tourist and Cultural District of Cartagena de Indias abbreviated Cartagena de Indias, D. T. and C.

Caribbean island known for its coral reefs and reggae music. Mangrove Old Point Regional Park is a wildlife sanctuary with crabs, iguanas and birds.

Capital of the mountainous province of Antioquia. It is known as the "City of Eternal Spring" for its temperate climate and its renowned Flower Fair.

City of the mountainous coffee region of western Colombia. It is known for its cultural events, steep streets and views of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano.

Known for salsa, a representative musical genre. In it is the cathedral of San Pedro of neoclassical style, it lodges pictorial works of the Quito school.

There you will find the Alpine Cabin. In this municipality there have been competitions at national level of Down Hill cycling modality of recent practice and Enduro.

Known for its musical heritage. There is the Combeima Canyon, home to spectacled bears, condors and foxes. Also the snowy peaks of Los Nevados National Park.

Capital of the Atlantic department, known for its large, bustling and cheerful Carnival.

Municipality that serves as the capital of the department of Putumayo, whose municipal capital bears the name of San Miguel de Agreda de Mocoa.

Known as the beautiful city, the city of parks. Capital of the department of Santander.

It has been declared historical and cultural heritage of the nation for its historical contribution to independence.

In this town you can visit the Indigenous Cemetery, the Tominé Reservoir, the Indigenous Museum, the Religious Museum and other places of tourist interest.

The most beautiful little town in Colombia. It preserves its colonial architecture and cobbled streets.

San José del Guaviare is a Colombian municipality, capital of the department of Guaviare. It began to form in 1960, linked to the colonizing activities of the jungle region and as a nucleus

Armenia is the capital of the department of Quindío, in western Colombia. Framed by the Andes Mountains, the city has its center in the lively Plaza de Bolívar, with the modern triangular cathedral

Yopal is a Colombian municipality, capital of the department of Casanare. Its territorial extension is 2595 square kilometers, and is located 335 kilometers from the capital district of Bogota.

San Vicente del Caguán is located in the department of Caquetá, 151 km northeast of Florencia, the departmental capital. It is bathed by the rivers Caguán and Yarí.

Cubarral is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Meta. It is located 60 km from the capital of the department Villavicencio.

Founded by Miguel Duque, María Antonia Granada, Nicolás Cadena, Noé and David Alegría and Justiniano Cardona, it was declared a municipality in 1911; its main economic activities are agriculture.

Guayabetal was formed on October 12, 1941 in the place it occupies today during the 1920s and 1930s, within the jurisdiction of Quetame, and was consolidated with the road to Villavicencio.

Monguí is a Colombian municipality located in the province of Sugamuxi in the department of Boyacá. It is located about 97 km from the city of Tunja, capital of the department.

Corregimiento de Bello, less than an hour from the capital of Antioquia.