Expedición PNN El Cocuy 

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PNN El Cocuy Expedition


  • Guidance (Local guides certified and endorsed by National Parks) -
  • Lodging (Hotel Campestre Güicán) -
  • Food (Complete, cold lunch for walks) -
  • 4x4 internal transport -
  • Tickets to the Park and insurance -
  • Inter-municipal bus tickets BOG - GÜI - BOG -
  • Thermal baths

Note: The price is per person, plan designed for a minimum of 3 people. After 3 people, an additional guide is needed

About the Park
The El Cocuy National Natural Park (PNN El Cocuy) is one of the current 56 National Parks of the Colombian territory, it is located north of the Eastern Cordillera, on the borders with the departments of Boyacá (among its municipalities of Cubará, Chiscas, El Espino , Güicán, El Cocuy and Chita), Arauca (Tame) and Casanare (La Salina and Sacamá); It has an area of ??306,000 hectares (ha). We find ecosystems between 2500 - 5330 masl, Low Tropical Forest, Cloud Forest, Páramo and Sub Páramo, Perpetual Snows and a potential source of water sources and rivers, such as the Arauca and Casanare rivers to the East of the Park. Towards the west, it is a little drier, due to the warm winds that originate in the Chicamocha Canyon. Its glaciers give rise to two of the most important basins in the country, the Magdalena River on the western slope and the Orinoco River on the east.

How to get
To get to the PNN El Cocuy, the best option is by land. The option that we have defined is from Bogotá, taking an inter-municipal bus at the Salitre or Satelital del Norte Terminals. The tour lasts approx. between 8 to 10 hours. Another alternative is from the city of Bucaramanga in the department of Santander, the tour lasts approx. between 8 to 9 hours of journey.

Our Expedition
It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful National Natural Parks in Colombia and the world! Considered this way for its beautiful Sierra Nevada being the most extensive glacier mass in the country! We are going to delve into their culture, their community and learn about their history. All this possible, thanks to the work team and their unconditional support from the community, guides, collaborators and mountaineers who will accompany you on this great Adventure! Enjoy its unique and typical gastronomy of the region, the warmth of its people and above all, their kindness and charisma! You will feel at home, surrounded by great natural landscapes, Valleys, Forests and the guardians of the Páramos, its Frailejones!

In our acclimatization walk, the options are (Peñón de los Muertos, Monserrate, Laguna San Pablín, La Vega, El Mosco or Malpaso) where it is determined in common agreement with the expedition group and the guide. We will know the Glacier
Ritacuba Blanco (in U'wa, Ritak'uwa) at more than 4800 m.a.s.l. The Laguna Grande de la Sierra, the Glaciar del Cóncavo, the famous Valley of the Frailejones, you will see the Púlpito del Diablo and next to it its majestic Sugar Loaf! And this is little! Wait for
see more of its charms together with us!

We offer without a doubt, one of your best experiences and Adventures, with the highest possible quality in our services. We will accompany you throughout the tour, from beginning to end! Guided by mountaineers and climbers with experience and practice of mountaineering in our mountains, who have traveled and endorsed this route, thanks to their skills and abilities.

4 days and 3 nights
»Level of effort:“ SNOWY ”(5 on a scale of 1 to 5)
»Comfort level: 4 on a scale of 1 to 5 Accommodation at Hotel Campestre in Güicán.
»Hiking time: Between 4 - 8 hours approx. depending on the route
»Distances traveled: Between 5 - 23 km depending on the route
»Climate: Cold - Very cold
»Elevation: 2900 - 4900 m.s.n.m.

Note: National Parks, informs that it is FORBIDDEN to step on or touch the snow. The trails allowed have a defined daily load capacity, it is necessary to reserve the space in advance

Day 1 - "The day has come"

" 8:00 pm. Meeting with the Terminal Satélite Norte excursion, Bogotá.
" 9:00 pm. Departure on the Libertadores / Paz de Río Bogotá - Güicán route.

Day 2 - "Let's get started!"
" 8:00 am. Arrival in Güicán, reception, breakfast.
»Registration at the PNN office in Güicán.
»Historical tour and acclimatization walk.
" Lunch
»Country hotel accommodation.
»Walk and recognition of the Sierra Nevada, town of Güicán and surroundings.
" Dinner

Day 3 - "To walk it was said"
" Breakfast
»Ritacuba Blanco Glacier Hike (4800 m.a.s.l.
" Lunch
»Transfer to Hotel Campestre
" Dinner

Day 4 - "Last day of Adventure, to enjoy"
" Breakfast
»Hike Valle de los Frailejones, Laguna Grande de la
Sierra and Glaciar del Cóncavo. (21 kms, 6-8 hr)
" Lunch
»Bath in relaxing hot springs to finish the
»Departure for Bogotá on the Libertadores / Paz de Río route
Güicán - Bogotá 7:00 p.m.
»Arrival in Bogotá 7:00 a.m.

Below we list the reasons why you should live your next Adventure with us:
»We certify the best Adventures according to our previous experiences in the destinations described above
»We have a professional and trained team for the development of our activities
»We work hand in hand with local communities, a group of qualified Stakeholders and suppliers
»We seek the support, growth and sustainable development of the region and its people
»We are strategic with the planning, logistics and development of our expeditions focused on the comfort of our clients, on offering excellent customer service, granting the best quality and above all, exploiting their adventurous spirit in each of our clients.
»We seek to prevent any risky and dangerous situation that directly or indirectly affects the health and well-being of our clients by sensitizing all the actors present in the expedition.
»We are responsible that our clients live and feel comfortable with each of our experiences, always seeking to satisfy their needs when traveling with Nomad Adventure.
»We publicize the importance of caring for our Flora and Fauna in all the destinations offered, making our clients aware of caring for the environment and promoting it, with total respect.
»We want you to place your complete trust in us, we want you to have the best experience of your life with us, bring your best memories and create new friends who share this style and philosophy of life.
»You will have the best experience of your life in terms of mountaineering and climbing in one of the most amazing places desired by lovers of these sports worldwide, valuing and learning about every moment of this Adventure

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