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Curso Intensivo de Kitesurf 10 horas Cartagena 

($1.100.000 COP)


In this course, you will learn the basic concepts for the practice of Kitesurf or Kiteboarding; you will obtain autonomy to handle the kite in and out of the sea. You will learn to recognize the winds and to have the first experiences in the water with the practice of the Body drag the rescue of the board and you will learn to stop on this one. In addition, you will have a few hours more to acquire confidence and practice.

It includes the use of all the necessary equipment. The teaching time is divided into 2 to 3 hours per day maximum depending on wind conditions. The student can organize the learning schedule for 3 or 4 days maximum. Dates may vary depending on weather conditions.

  • Hours: 10
  • Age:12 years and older
  • Includes equipment: yes
  • Place: Beaches of the Americas, North zone of Cartagena / Puerto Velero Barranquilla. (Depending on wind conditions).

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 8 traveler ratings
Corina L
Undoubtedly the best kite surf school in Cartagena, excellent service, incredible teachers, prioritizing your safety, and the atmosphere is great, excellent music!01/16/2020
There is no doubt about the professionalism, commitment and responsibility with sport, but what makes this school really unique is the quality of the people, pure good vibe. Thank you for the incredible experiences that have accompanied me to live.07/25/2018
Paolo C
Great school It is a great school where you can learn kitesurfing, they have excellent equipment and a great human talent, service and dedication, no doubt it is a very good option.07/25/2018
Fer R
It is the best school in Cartagena by far. A person very involved in kitesurfing in Cartagena recommended it to me and the truth is that they were 100% right. Impeccable service, very good instructors, constant wind and a very comfortable place to disarm the kites, without a doubt the best option!04/05/2018
Lucas A
Incredible school, impeccable service, very good instructors, constant wind and a very comfortable place to take and dismantle the kites, very recommended this school!02/28/2018
Carito Callejas
Super School It is a school with a very good atmosphere, with people who are loved and above all very responsible! I recommend them 100%.02/23/2018
Ricardo A
It's very well located. The atmosphere of the school is very good, the teachers are very clear and facilitate learning02/22/2018
Carlos V
Excellent school! Highly recommended to learn kite surfing and have a great time watching the sunsets of Cartagena!04/02/2017

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