Cueva del Indio - Páramo Santander 

($35.000 COP)


An underground exploration will be practiced through the well-known Indio cave located in the municipality of Páramo, with a tour of approximately 2 hours, accompanied by a guide specialized in the activity and giving technical talks about bats, rock formations, among others. It will be an active and dynamic tour inside this cave.

-Exploration underground through the well-known "Indian cave".
-You will be able to enjoy the hidden charms behind its rock walls and the streams that spring from its entrails.
-Tour approximately 2 hours.
-technical talks on bats, rock formations.
-Active and dynamic tour inside this cavern.
-Jump into the void (natural well) Hours: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm (depending on weather conditions)
-Includes: Equipment necessary for the activity, insurance policy, Guidance.
-Recommendations: Bring comfortable and sports clothing, sunscreen, change clothes, do not carry belongings that can be damaged or lost in the activity
-Ages: Children from 7 years to 60 years depending on physical condition.

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 8 traveler ratings
Pipe Sierra
Excellent, the village is very nice, the Cueva del Indio cannot be missed, temperate climate01/08/2020
Juan Sebastian Hernandez Cobos
Very good service and accompaniment for extreme activities. Tours in caves and caverns.11/17/2019
Nidia Angélica Valero Vargas
Good service, the guide is very attentive to make the tourists feel comfortable and safe.09/23/2019
Camilo Bacatá
I visited the Indio cave, it was a excited experience, the guide was perfect, recommend wear shoes that you can wet.05/29/2019
Surtiweb SAS
Very funny caving in La Cueva del Indio. Very exciting the leap of faith, at the end of the tour04/02/2019
J. Devos
Reasonable price, wonderful cave, fun guide, thrilling jump into the water, ... Just a fun experience!03/21/2019
Elsa Caicedo
The experience was super the guide was very kind and willing is an activity that I recommend03/06/2019
Edna Orjuela
The Indian's Cave, what an excellent experience.01/29/2019

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