Canyoning de La Nariz del Diablo 

($160.000 COP)


This canyoning takes place at the Nariz del Diablo and La Virgen waterfalls located 1:30 hours from the city of San Gil. This place is a great natural reserve where you will enjoy a unique ecosystem and at the same time you can visit the Hoyo de los Pájaros, a natural crater 120 meters deep, where different species of birds live, such as the Guácharo.

In this activity you will be able to do:
-3 meter jump into the water
-Descent of the Devil's Nose waterfall (40 mts)
-Descent of the waterfall of the Virgin (25 mts)
-Rappel descent (7 mts)
-Walk through the woods
-Visit to the bird's hole (optional: observation of the show of the guácharos exit)

This activity includes:
-Round trip transportation service (San Gil - Nariz del Diablo Waterfall - San Gil)
-Canyoning instructors
-Equipment for the activity (wetsuit, harness, helmets, descenders and ropes)
-Accident insurance
-Snack and hydration
-Requirement: 2 people to carry out the activity

General recommendations:
-Be over 12 years old
-Be in good mental and physical health
-Refrain from carrying out the activity under the influence of psychoactive or psychotropic substances
-Do not perform while pregnant
-Wear suitable comfortable clothing (lycra, shirt) and good shoes (tennis).
-Change clothes or dry clothes.
-Have a personal water bottle
-Maintain biosecurity measures
-Follow the instructors' recommendations
-have a teamwork attitude
-Do not separate from the group
-Maintain a formal communication and in a soft tone.
-Do not use strong or sweet fragrances.

Do not miss the exit of the guácharos, a unique visual and sound show in Colombia!

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Rating 5.00/5 based on 7 traveler ratings
Meret Gödecke
Completely worth it, what an awesome day! Can just recommend the canyoning tour!08/30/2019
Stefan Wawszczyk
Brilliant canyoning experience! Did 2 rapels and two jumps as well as a great trek. Adrian was fantastic! He was so professional and safe but also so fun. Great value too! Highly recommend08/13/2019
Sascha Wolff
Excellent tours! Adrian will make sure you have an amazing time!12/03/2018
Morgane Vermeil
I did a day of canyoning, both were spectacular! Very nice experiences, with very sympatic guides :) I recommend it to everyone! Also to those who are afraid of the void like me, it is possible to do it enjoying08/13/2018
Lydie Raoux
GREAT!! Great! Amazing! Avec notre hôte & guide Adrian, Thank you very much for everything. And now new muscles07/22/2018
Mike Petzold
Un tour de canyoning génial avec deux guides amusants et expérimentés07/14/2018
David Lewis
We’ve just returned from a fantastic day out with our guide Adrian. What do we recommend about the tour? EVERYTHING! From the start to the finish this was a wonderful day out in as beautiful place as I’ve ever seen with a hugely knowledgeable and charming good English speaking guide. Thanks Adrian02/17/2018

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