Bungee Jumping 70 metros 

($80.000 COP)


Just 5 minutes from San Gil on the road to Charalá, past university Unisangil, we have a superstructure built exclusively for the practice of Bungee Jumping. It is made from a platform that goes up an arm, similar to an elevator, is located on the banks of the river Fonce; the jump has a height of 70 meters and from the highest point you can enjoy a beautiful view of San Gil.

This scenery is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, a warm, pleasant and natural climate.

Service Includes.

  • Bungee jump attached from ankles or waist
  • Medical Assistance Policy
  • Jump Certificate
Every day under reservation

Duration: Depends on the number of people.

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Jennifer Patricia
Unsurpassed, there are no words to express what it feels like. I have had the opportunity to visit them on several occasions accompanying my boyfriend to jump, the last time we ventured to the jump as a couple, it was the best. It's something we should do at least once in our lives. The security and12/30/2019
Aldo Puche
Unsurpassed, there are no words to express what it feels like. As for fun, it is an excellent experience, my launch was in a couple, we suffered some small scratches (nothing important), despite this 100% recommended12/23/2019
Jakob Schmelzle
Very good experience! Absolutely incredible. You can't explain the feeling during the flight. The staff was very friendly and explained everything very well. I recommend it to everyone :)11/21/2019
An incredible experience! ?? The staff at Colombia Bungee Jumping is super professional and loved! They put you in confidence from the first moment, they take the time to receive you, to explain you the activity and all the details you need Everything is super safe so you can enjoy 100% of the momen09/26/2019
Pia V
A great experience! They always care about your safety and peace of mind. I felt terrified but thanks to them I was able to be more comfortable with my jump.08/05/2019
Javier Piza
A very good experience where there is a total discharge of adrenaline Ropes and Harness totally certified A very safe structure to perform the activity And a very well prepared logistics staff on the activity of Bungee. 100% Recommended! To live this great experience.07/12/2019

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