Bungee extremo San Gil 

($150.000 COP)


Leap into the void from 140 meters high, from a platform fastened with ropes by the feet or waist with an elastic specially designed for these purposes. This one considered the highest in South America is waiting for you to break your fears.

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Leonel Guzmán
This was my first time doing bungee and my boyfriends the second time. We took a taxi from the Sams VIP hostel that cost 10,000 cops and arrived at 10:15 am (about 15 minutes). We were greeted by three workers, two men and one woman. Everyone was very kind.04/19/2019
A spectacular activity, very good service, a beautiful landscape and view ....the jump was something very bacano feel many emotions, 140 meters of full energy.11/25/2018
An awesome bungee experience! Bungee guides made us feel comfortable. They double and triple checked our equipment and focused on safety - this 140-meter jump is incredibly intense! They take great pictures.11/05/2018
Very good experience Bungee incredible views we will come back thanks mushing a good value for money08/22/2018
Rheon M
It was my first bungee jump and we loved it, the people who worked there were very nice and made us feel very safe! 140m was so exciting! Without a doubt, don't miss this one.08/22/2018
Recommended! ! ! It's a very good place. Sure, good people, professional. 140 meters of fun, I don't think! ! !08/22/2018

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