Bike Tour Ecolodge 

($175.000 COP)


The natural bicycle tour begins with a distance of 15 km along nature trails, where tourists and mountain biking lovers will live an experience of natural adventure, passing through crystalline waters, coffee plantations and mountain views that allow us to connect with the Satanderean countryside. We will have strategic stops to enjoy the landscape and take pictures. We will finish our tour and enjoy a snack (picnic) on board the Fonce River, in the natural place known as ´balneario monas´. With a 20 to 25 minute break to appreciate the natural scenery. Now comes the adventure in the Fonce River (rafting), we will descend 10 km in an inflatable raft until we reach San Gil, the end point of the double adventure.

-Duration: 5 hours
-Activity value: $ 175,000
-The price includes: 15 km bike tour, transportation, activity insurance, hydration- fruit, typical snack, expert MTB guide, Rafting, personal protection kit, photography of the best moments.
-Recommendations: Suitable clothes to get wet, sunscreen, repellent, change of clothes, safe shoes, your own protection kit and a big smile.

-The Bike Tours are carried out with a minimum of three (3), maximum nine (9) people.
-For each tour you book, you are contributing to the Fundación Caminos Nativos to bring bicycles to children from vulnerable rural populations so that they can be transported to their schools.
-To book the Bike Tours, it must be done one day (1) in advance.
Security measures for Bike tours
-During smart isolation and in the reactivation stage, it will NOT operate at 100% capacity. The number of people allowed on the routes must not exceed a range between 30% and 50% of the maximum allowed capacity, respecting the minimum distance between two people of two (2) meters.
-It is recommended to give priority to making reservations in order to previously know the allowed capacity, register the data of tourists in advance and control their entry to tourist sites and other fun and entertainment activities.
-In the tourist routes that are carried out outdoors in urban centers, the guides must maintain a minimum margin of 10 minutes of separation between the groups that visit the same place, to avoid crowds in public spaces.
-For bicycle tours, the group allowed per guide can range from 2 to 4 people maximum. The sale of bike tours may be made for more than 4 people, however, it must be informed that tourists will be divided, according to the number allowed for groups.
-The social distancing between groups must be at least 4 meters in rest sites or interpretation points and two meters in bike tours or walks.
-In cases where the tourist activity includes long days and stays in nature, the crossings must be carried out at a minimum, keeping a distance of three (3) meters from the path of the route. These should not be exposed to the environment so they should be covered with the vegetation of the area. For activities in the water, the distance from the bank of the channel must be greater than 30 meters.

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Rating 4.75/5 based on 4 traveler ratings
Juan Pablo B
Family MTB Excellent service. The bicycles included in the service are in excellent condition. The route we did is very safe, intermediate level, has demanding segments for beginners. It is important to bring food and hydration.01/03/2020
Toon H
Best mtb tour San Gil I had a beautiful tour! Breathtaking views of cozy little towns! Nature at its best! The bikes were great! The tracks. Perfect combination of climbing and descending! ! It was one of my best days in Colombia! Thank you very much!11/19/2019
Bike tour I had a wonderful experience with our guide. Friendly and helpful guide, combined with a beautiful landscape and a great gastronomic experience on the road, highly recommended!11/07/2019
Claudia X
Visit San Gil and San Jose... A super friendly reception, a lot of patience and a lot of encouragement from our guide. You can see the passion and love for what she does, so besides having fun, we enjoyed her experience and her anecdotes. Very good food and beautiful landscapes. Thank you very much!09/02/2019

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