Alquiler de bicicletas eléctricas E-Bike 

($45.000 COP)


No matter your physical condition, with our E-Bike you can reach the top of the mountains, you can choose various levels of assistance depending on your physical condition and how much effort you want to make.

We have tours from 1 hour onwards, they are accompanied by a guide who will guide you throughout the route, as well as taking photos of them in established sites with a beautiful view.

  • The rental value is $ 45,000 per hour or fraction, the price includes a disinfected protective helmet.
  • We have all sizes for different heights.
  • We think that no one misses the activity that is why we have a trailer to carry up to 2 small children who do not exceed 45 kg in total. Rental value $ 20,000, bikes for larger children to couple to tandem type E-bike, Rental value $ 18,000 and trailer for pets, $ 15,000; All these devices have a single price that is to say that the value is for the duration of the entire tour.
  • Night riding has a cost of $ 50,000 per hour per bicycle, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


  • Minimum rental time 1 hour and when there is only one user the rent for the first hour the value is $ 65,000

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