Parapente en el Quindio 

($140.000 COP)



If you have never flown paragliding and want to try it, the simplest thing is to do a flight in a two-seater paraglider, with a qualified and certified pilot. The two-seater is a paraglider designed to carry the weight of two people, the pilot and the passenger, without the need for the passenger to have any prior knowledge of this form of flight. There are also no age or physical limitations, it is enough that the person is able to run a few steps and has minimal health conditions compatible with the flight. Take-off is simple and the pilot is in charge of this, the passenger only has to follow some instructions, take a few steps and let himself be carried away by the paraglider; once in the air he will be comfortably seated in the harness until he touches the ground again.

This rate includes:

  • Transportation from the Buenavista square to the airstrip and back to the square again after landing. 
  •  Medical assistance policy
  • Video of approximately 5 minutes and 40 photos. 
  • Accompaniment of Pilots certified by the Colombian Federation of Air Sports with more than 18 years of experience in the activity.
  • Elements of Biosafety, we have available to our clients: Small water bottle, antibacterial gel, 70% alcohol, face masks, caps, gloves and tissues.
  • We fly every day! 

The equipment we use for the paragliding activity is:

  • Two-seater paragliding wing
  • Harness for pilot and passenger approved and certified for the activity.
  • Approved helmets for the pilot and passenger.
  • Emergency parachute in case of any incident during the flight.
  • Each pilot has a well-equipped first aid kit in his briefcase
  • Communication and cellular radios.


We fly from the municipality of Buenavista located in the department of Quindío which is located 50 minutes from Armenia and approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Pereira, we are also very close to Valle del Cauca. The take-off site is known as Las Tres Cruces hill in Tolrá Park, the paragliding activity takes place with views of the Buenavista municipality and the Maraveles Valley; in this site due to its meteorological conditions we can enjoy a thermal flight that will help us to appreciate the imposing landscape. The take-off site is at 1,870 meters above sea level and we have several landing sites that are at 1,000 meters above sea level and that the pilot chooses due to weather and safety conditions, thus determining which is the safest to land; We are talking that our paragliding tour is almost 7 kilometers long and you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the Coffee Cultural Landscape named by UNESCO as Cultural Heritage of Humanity, where you will be able to appreciate the coffee crops, banana crops, citrus crops, and guaduales, in addition to the beautiful streams and many other landscapes. We take off over the beautiful mountains of the Buenavista municipality, cataloged as the "Balcón del Quindío" for its majestic viewpoints. It really is an experience that you cannot miss!


We offer a flight experience focused on safety and the Coffee Cultural Landscape; This experience lasts approximately between 10 to 15 minutes depending on the weather conditions at the time of making the flight. All the activity from the moment of the meeting until the return can last one hour and ten minutes if we do not have delays due to the weather; sometimes we must have a little patience because we have to wait until the conditions are safe to carry out the activity. ALWAYS keep in mind that the paragliding activity is subject to weather conditions, for this reason we do not offer an exact flight time.



Buenavista is the smallest Quindío municipality located to the southeast in the Central Cordillera. ?

  • Armenia – Buenavista

Distance: 30 km

Travel time: approximately 50 minutes

  • El Edén Airport (La Tebaida) - Buenavista
    Distance: 34.2 km

Travel time: 54 minutes approximately

  • Pereira - Buenavista
    Distance: 77 km

Travel time: approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes

  • Matecaña Airport (Pereira) - Buenavista
    Distance: 82.5 K

Travel time: approximately 2 hours


  • Keep in mind that paragliding can be done by anyone; we only have the following exceptions; We cannot do the activity with people who:
  • Children weighing less than 18 kilos or adults weighing more than 90 kilos. We can fly passengers up to 125 kilos with prior notice to have availability of the pilot.
  • People with recent surgeries.
  • Women in a state of pregnancy.
  • People in high spirits or under the effect of psychoactive substances.
  • By explicit medical order that prohibits paragliding
  • People positive or suspected of COVID-19

In Quindío Aventurero we fly every day, our activity hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm if the weather allows it, but remember that the ideal is to book even one day in advance to assign the flight shift; We have the capacity to fly up to 28 people in the day (We reduced our load capacity to comply with biosecurity protocols) and we have 4 pilots on the ground on weekends and 3 pilots on weekdays.

In case the activity is canceled due to weather conditions, we will refund 100% of the money deposited or the activity can be rescheduled.

The activity can be suspended or canceled for the following reasons:

  • Zero visibility on cloud takeoff or landing
  • Rain or threat of rain
  • Tailwind or wind greater than 30 kilometers per hour.


The recommendations to carry out the paragliding activity are:

  • Tight shoes such as boots or tennis shoes are required. Sandals or heels should not be worn.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Repellent.
  • We suggest wearing long pants (Optional).
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Can wear a cap
  • Do not overeat before the activity.
  • It is very important not to appear at the site of the activity in a state of excitement or under the use of psychoactive substances and / or consume them during the flight activity.
  • They must have the identity document number present: identification card, passport or identity card to issue insurance policies.
  • It is important not to omit information on the health declaration form


  • Any loss or material damage is under the responsibility of the customer.
  •  The service is subject to change without prior notice due to weather issues, in case the weather does not allow us to fly and it cannot be rescheduled, all money will be refunded.
  • The Itinerary may vary at the discretion of the operator, always to guarantee the safety of the traveler and the best development of the service.
  • If you decide to withdraw before the end of the service or do not attend the day of the activity, it will be considered as "Done" with no place for Claims, Postponements or Returns.


For those who want to celebrate with an unforgettable message, we can offer the service of a

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Álvaro Duarte Villarreal
Great experience! My family and I enjoyed it, a very nice feeling to be flying next to your loved ones and doing something that usually people don't dare. Thank you!02/03/2020
Josu G
Incredible experience - 100% recommended We loved the experience, it's fantastic, super nice and the time with the drivers is excellent, they are all great people and give you the best possible treatment.12/03/2019
Any L
Excellent! Highly recommended! A wonderful experience! The attention is excellent, the quality of the videos and photos I loved! I am very happy with the experience!10/15/2019
Maria Paula
Paragliding The experience of the pilots can be seen at first sight, the friendliness of the whole team is unique. See the Quindio from above while they explain the different crops of the region. Highly recommended!10/09/2019
Excellent the human quality is excellent and meets the standards in the safety issue for this type of extreme sport I congratulate them obvious that I recommend and would return again09/18/2019
Congratulations Excellent experience, the attention was the best and the human quality unmatched. I went with my husband to celebrate the anniversary and we had a wonderful time. Super recommended.09/18/2019
FUN Compliments, professionals, it was a little delayed but because of the weather, but we could do the flight and everything went as stipulated.09/12/2019
A CRAZY The people were very friendly, empathetic. It was one of the best experiences, the wonderful place full of landscapes09/12/2019
We were 5 friends in such a wonderful place and country. Super recommendable to deal with them and to the change for us quite economic. About 40 euros in exchange ... here in Spain for the same thing is more than twice as much. And what about doing it in the coffee area? If I come back.09/11/2019
Luz Mariela R
La meilleure expérience Je suis très nerveux et j'ai eu très peur, mais avec l'aide des gars de Quindio aventurero, c'était très agréable et une grande expérience, j'étais très heureux, merci beaucoup09/10/2019

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